About Us

What is ElPsyKongroo?

We’re a bunch of weirdos that translate manga, focusing in genderbender and traps, because it isn’t gay if it’s cute. However shounen, shoujo, seinen, manhua, and other titles might be translated as well if we like them.

How can I contact EPK?

If you have anything you want us to know, or if you just want to say hi, join our Discord server or send a D-Mail at kurisu@elpsykongroo.pw.

How can I join?

Just hit us up with a message and we might think about it.

Can I Donate?

Yes, you can, it is greatly appreciated and you can do so by hitting the donate button at the sidebar.

Your donations are used to alleviate the cost of hosting, as well as buying manga raws, and as a way to thank us for our work.

Can you pick up this manga?

We might consider picking up some manga requested by our readers, as long as there are good quality raws for it (whether they are free or not doesn’t matter) as well as the team agrees to do it, since not all the members might like the same stuff.

If you can help us on said project by translating it, providing scans or doing anything else it’ll be appreciated too.