Little update. Jun 11

Hi ghostly guys that sometimes visit this site by mistake!

I’m sad to announce we’ve decided to stop working on “Jashin-chan Dropkick!” (Reader link) (MangaDex link)

This is a decision we’ve taken after thinking deeply about it. We don’t have the enought amount of time or staff to accomplish releasing chapters in a fixed and constant schedule.

Because of this other groups have released their own versions of different chapters. We’ve tried to keep releasing our own versions despite that, since we believe a good work is better than a faster one. Unfortunately the readers are the ones with the final say in this matter, and it’s been shown that the faster chapters got more support than our “better” ones.

We won’t resume working on this unless the manga becomes abandoned again like it has in the past, main reason we picked this manga to begin with.

I’ve received some offers from other groups that want to take the mantle as well, so readers should rest assured that the manga won’t be missing updates anytime soon.

On other smaller news, I’d like to thank our readers for their constant support, specially those who have donated in the past.

The donations support this page and other needs of the group. Like buying digital raws, paying for the server costs (no longer a need since we got a server for free via one of our supporters), etc.

I recently had to pay for the domain name ( and a storage upgrade for my computer (a 1TB hard drive).

These were expenses that I had to do, and I would have covered them on my own if I had had to, but thanks to your support I could cover these expenses in a way that doesn’t affect my economy that much.

Right now we aren’t in an immediate need for funds, so even if you don’t want to donate, or you can’t, you don’t have to worry. The manga we do is free for everyone to read for as long as the servers last.

That’s all for today, once again, thanks for all your support and I hope you stick by.


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