Well, basically that. I’m begging for your donations again.

We have to pay for the server so we can keep posting manga here. It’s not that we can’t survive without it, there’s always MangaDex, but it’s cool to have it here in case anything happen’s with MD, also, the site is cutely designed so I’d like to keep it.

But everything comes with a price, a price that is easy to maintain but not so much when you’re a university student on a third world country.

The site costs $2.5 each month, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? We don’t have too many visitors so they site doesn’t break easily and we don’t have to pay $100 for the server.

But, the service provider charges in advance and the minimum recharge is 10USD, which I can’t easily get to use on the site if I need to make other payments like electricity, gas or Internet bill.

That’s why I’m asking for your help, I only need about 10 people to donate 1 dollar each so I can pay for the next 4 months. I can’t give anything in exchange but keep releasing manga and promise you that there won’t ever be ads here.

If the worse happens and we can’t pay for the servers, don’t worry, we won’t disappear, we’ll just move to MangaDex. If you want to keep updated I recommend to join the Discord Server, a “hello” or a “thank you” is also a good way to support us, it makes us feel loved and that our work actually makes someone happy.

Anyway, thanks for supporting us.

– Kurisu

Thank you.