This is a project I do in joint with Nosebleed, it’s been a long time since we released a chapter from this series, but we finally found our way to catching up on this. This series won’t be on my reader since the pages are somewhat big and would consume a lot of bandwidth, and being this site hosted on a free service, that’d kill the page or slow it down a lot. The author of this series is Ichiiro Hako, illustrator of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, she has announced on her twitter Rental Oniichan will get an official physical release, which will have redrawn art among other extra content. We don’t know what we plan on doing about that yet, but if there is a digital release then Nosebleed is considering buying it and updating the previous chapters. Still uncertain though.  We don’t know if a physical release means the web version will stop being published, let’s hope it’s not. Chapter 4 previously released on batoto had an error that is fixed now on MangaDex, so read it again please. That’s all for now.

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Update (02.14.2018): Since I moved to a new server I can now post the chapters here too.